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Rules & Regulations

Article 1. Definitions of Terms

“Exhibitor(Participating Company)” refers to the company, association, and entity submitting the application for participation in the exhibition. “Exhibition” refers to KOREA EXPO 2024. “Organizer” refers to Exporum Inc.

Article 2. Allocation of Exhibition Space
The organizer assigns the location of each company in the exhibition hall based on the order of application for participation, order of payment of down payment, number of participations, the scale of participation, and other reasonable criteria.

Article 3. Contract, Application, and Participation Fee Payment Procedure

The participation application and contract must be submitted to the organizer, and 100% of the participation fee must be paid within 10 days after submitting the participation application and contract. As soon as the 'participation application and contract' are received, the contract becomes effective, and the provisions of Article 9 apply in case of cancellation of participation.

Article 4. Installation and Removal

Installation and removal must be completed within the period stipulated by the organizer, and the exhibitor must compensate the organizer for any loss caused by delay or damage to the exhibition hall.


Exhibitors may purchase insurance for all equipment and exhibits during the exhibition period as well as during installation and removal.

The organizer operates exhibition site security to protect the authority of exhibitors and visitors, but the exhibitor is responsible for theft, damage, loss, etc. of all exhibitors' items.

Article 6. Restrictions on Exhibits

The exhibitor exhibits the specified exhibits, and the organizer may restrict the display of exhibits that are inconsistent with the nature of the exhibition.

Article 7. Prohibition of on-site sales

The purpose of participating in the exhibition is to demonstrate and show related equipment and services to visitors, and exhibitors cannot conduct sales activities on-site. However, sales activities and tastings in the special corner of the exhibition hall separately determined by the organizer are exceptions, and the accompanying taxes and all other matters are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Article 8. Cancellation of Participation Application

If the exhibitor refuses to use all or part of the exhibition booths applied for or does not pay the participation fee within the deadline, the organizer may unilaterally cancel the application for participation, and in this case, the paid participation fee will not be refunded.

Article 9. Cancellation of participation and penalty for scale reduction

If the exhibitor cancels participation or reduces the size after submitting the application form, the exhibitor must immediately notify the organizer of the reason for cancellation in writing. The amount equivalent to the penalty set forth below must be paid to the organizer within 15 days of the cancellation of the participation and scale reduction. However, the already paid participation fee will be deducted from the penalty, and additional payment must be made in case of shortage and refunded in case of surplus.

- Participation cancellation or scale reduction during the period from application to December 31, 2023: 50% of the total participation fee or reduction is paid to the organizer as a penalty

- Participation cancellation or scale reduction between January 1st and March 31, 2024: 80% of the total participation fee or reduction is paid to the organizer as a penalty

- Participation cancellation or scale reduction after April 1, 2024: 100% of the total participation fee or reduction is paid to the organizer as a penalty

Article 10. Supplementary Provisions

If necessary, the organizer may establish supplementary regulations not specified in the participation regulations, and the exhibitor must comply with them.

Exhibitors must comply with the regulations of the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles exhibition hall.

Article 11. Dispute Settlement

Disputes arising between the organizer and exhibitor regarding these participation rules and other disputes regarding the rights and obligations of both parties shall be finally resolved through arbitration by the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board.

  • Raw Space    (9 sqm up)
  • Shell Scheme        Booth (9 sqm up)
  • EUR 4,000Booth  (9 sqm) 
  • EUR 5,000 / Booth    (9 sqm) 
  •  Exhibition       Space only
  • Wall (black)
  • Carpet (grey)
  • Separate wall board  (color depending on  sector)
  • Lighting

* Exhibition space mut be an odd number

* Additional booth options possible
* The purchase of additional equipments (e.g. power supply) is possible within the application period

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