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■ Company introduction

ionpolis co. ltd is a water filter manufacturing company located in Incheon, established in 2016, producing household filter products.

The company's flagship products include filter showerheads, sink filters, and vitamin shower filters, which remove impurities from water, allowing for clean and healthy water usage.

ionpolis produces products that meet customer demands based on its high technological expertise and quality control system, and strives for continuous development through steady research and development. The company also works towards producing environmentally friendly products and prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing the best possible service.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Water temperature sensitive
3-color LED 7-step filter shower

  The built-in non-powered water temperature sensitive LED changes to 3 colors according to the water temperature.

  The 7-stage filter removes residual chlorine and bacteria in tap water as well as foreign substances such as microplastics and heavy metals, so it is good for the skin by using clean water.

Wall-mounted and rain shower head
mega size filter
  Our shower filters have a filter area that is more than twice the size of conventional filters, making them more powerful and longer-lasting.

  They can be used with any water supply, not just wall-mounted shower heads.

  Sediment filter products remove microplastics and heavy metals by default, as well as chlorine and bacteria.

  Vitamin filter products not only remove microplastics and heavy metals by default, but also neutralize limescale and provide a fragrant aroma during showering.

External Aroma Vitamin Shower Filter
  Vitamin C gel reacts to and neutralizes residual chlorine and lime in tap water, which is good for the skin, and uses edible grade skin-friendly additives and aroma oil to emit fragrance during the shower.

  6 flavors available: lemon, rose, lavender, tea tree, cherry blossom, sea breeze

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