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  Deepscent Inc.
  • Representative : Ilbong Kwon
  • Address : #4F,408, Daejeon tipstown, 99, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, ROK
  • Contact Number: +82-70-4230-2094
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■ Company introduction

  Deepscent Inc. is a digital olfactory solution company that serves B2B2C by digitalizing the traditional fragrance items after combining it with AI, Big Data and IoT technology. Following ‘Arom,’ a customized fragrance on-demand (FOD) service, the first in Korea, we are currently in preparation of launching an upgraded version.

  The recently launched, 'Deepscent Lounge', achieved its Wadiz crowd-funding goal (545%) and was selected as an innovative public procurement product. Based on the B2C customized service, our technology has expanded to digital fragrance-as-a-service (FaaS) for large spaces within corporations and public organizations.

  We continuously endeavor to improve the lives of modern people, enduring through a pandemic, with our safe and convenient technology that provides customized fragrances for their spaces.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Smart IoT Diffuser Deepscent Lounge

1. Product and service name: Digital olfactory solution

Fragrance-On-Demand (FoD) for B2C

Fragrance-as-a-Service (FaaS) for B2B

FaaS-DTx: Olfactory stimulation-based healthcare

2. Core technologies of main products and services:

FoD: A personalized digital olfactory solution that provides and converts fragrances in real time based on the user's time, place, and purpose

FaaS: A space-customized digital olfactory solution that senses the indoor olfactory environment, such as fragrance, odor, and air hygiene, and provides a suitable fragrance in real time.

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