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Brand Showcase

FoodGeumsan Ginseng Cooperative

  Geumsan Ginseng Cooperative
  • Representative : Wonsik Jeong
  • Address : 103-4, Geumsancheon 1-gil, Geumsan-eup, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, ROK
  • Contact Number : +82-41-754-2325
  • E-mail : 
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■ Company introduction

 The Geumsan Ginseng Cooperative consists of health food supplements-related farms, plants and companies that have their own manufacturing facilities, and operate the business of selling them in Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, the Republic of Korea.

  With the one-stop system from cultivation to processing and distribution, it manufactures the best health food supplements in the Republic of Korea.

  We have obtained various certificates from governmental agencies in addition to the acquisition of various certifications, being recognized for the excellence of our products in the global market.

  We have achieved more than USD 4 million in exports to the global markets in 15 countries.

■ Item / Brand introduction


  A healthy life with ginseng that contains nature!

  Reliable Korean products made in Korea. This product is carefully made with Korean ginseng with a 1,500-year history. A mouthful of food thinks about your health.

  It is composed of related union members in Geumsan-gun in Korea, and is building a one-stop system that is early to grow, manufacture, and sell ginseng. It is a product that can be trusted with pure ginseng made in nature with sincerity.

 Korean Ginseng Tea Power Specialty

1. Use 100% Korean ginseng concentrate

  so you can trust it and eat it healthy.

2. It’s easy to carry and eat

  It was crushed and packed into a good taste to eat.

  Feel free to eat anywhere.

  • Net Weight: 150g(3g*50ea)
  • Ingredients and Contents: ginseng concentrate 10%(Made in Korea:2.5mg/g of ginsenosides Rg1, Rb1 and Rg2), Crystalline (powder)glucose, maltodextrin powder
  • Suggested Use: Pour one(1) packet of powdered tea into a cup of hot or cold water and stir well before serving.

Korean Ginseng Drink

  We added 100% Korean ginseng root as a whole. We carefully added a root of Korean ginseng over 4 years old
You can eat red ginseng as it tastes and smells.

  • Net Weight: 1200ml(120ml*10bottle)
  • Ingredients and contents: 1 Fresh Ginseng(over4 years old, Korean)root, purified water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, artificial flavoring(ginseng flavoring), DL-malic acid, synthetic preservative(sodium benzoate), glycine, citric acid, nicotinic acid, caramel coloring, vitamin B2
  • Suggest Use:  For adults, take one bottle at a time.

  If you drink all of the ginseng in the bottle, close the lid slightly and turn the bottle upside down, and when the ginseng comes down to the lid, open the lid and enjoy it.

  • If you feel the taste too strong, please dilute it in water.
  • It tastes better if you eat it cold. 

Korean Red Ginseng Candy

  It is a premium health snack containing Korean red ginseng concentrate. It has the unique taste and scent of red ginseng. Cooperative products and by ginseng farmers and producers in Korea!

  We recommend it to people like this.

If you need to take care of your health because your immune system is weak and you feel tired easily,

If you need energy to improve your physical strength,

If you’re tired from heavy work or stress,

To strengthen the test takers’ physical strength and immunity,

We recommend it as a family gift, a parent’s gift.

  Ingredients and contents: sugar, starch syrup, red ginseng concentrate 0.1%, Red ginseng flavor (synthetic flavor), herb flavor, L-monthol, vanillin

  • Suggest Use: Take one candy at a time.

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