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Brand Showcase


  • Representative : Songhwa Chae
  • Address : 114-2, Seoksil-ro jaun-gil, Wabu-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, ROK
  • Contact Number : +82-70-8064-7056
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■ Company introduction

  To remove chemicals from cosmetics It's made of only natural ingredients.

  With the concept of continuously using one product It's simple, but to take care of skin trouble perfectly Tiering has started.

  You can layer it on your own depending on your skin condition

  You can use it as you want.

  Make your skin feel comfortable

  I'm a skin mate who wants to stay close

  It contains only natural ingredients and their effects.

  LayerP is also a carefully designed and effective cube size, I also put my whole heart into the sensuous design of the formmaker and package.

  I hope it will be a product that gives users another pleasure.

  I only think about the ingredients and effects that your skin wants

  Layer Care Project for Simple Beauty

■ Item / Brand introduction


  Hypoallergenic cleansing with high vitamin content, 62% of vegetable oil and 99.9% of natural ingredients, from morning cleansing to makeup cleansing, made it slowly for 1,400 hours. It cleanses smoothly and moistly without irritation.


  Cream Cube (Yellow)-Clear and moist with vitamins,

  Soothing Cube (Green) - sebum control and trouble management,

  Barrier Cube (Pink) - For sensitive and sensitive skin, it is a product for strengthening skin, and you can layer two to three cleansing products according to your skin condition to perform customized cleansing on your skin.


  It is a slow cosmetic made slowly for 1,400 hours with 99.9% plant-derived ingredients.

  Packed for use between 10 and 15 days

  Clean, hygienic and convenient to use when traveling. The carefully designed cleansing cube is dedicated to designing sensuous packages that can be recycled and recycled.

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