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Brand Showcase

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■ Company introduction

  Derma J is the brand of medical skin care which is developed and researched by expertized dermatologists as a specialized program only for skin therapy. Experienced dermatologists involve in all processes of products for planning, development, design, manufacturing and clinical tests in order to provide right products and selected care solution to customers.

  This cosmeceutical brand is made of the safe ingredients selected carefully and help the best condition of skin maintain all the time.

  Furthermore, it is optimized to recover skin troubles after cosmetic surgery or dermatologic treatment at hospital.

  It will bring your brightening face and elastin skin in your everyday life as a home beauty treatment.

  Derma J will always provide a reliable quality and innovative solutions and promise to develop the brand for healthy and comfortable care system to people. Specialized experts will be always with you.

■ Item / Brand introduction

derma J Soothing Gel Mask

  Soothing Gel mask with Tencel fiber sheet to vitalize and moisturize for face condition. It has 35 gram essence with 4 types of peptides as main ingredients.

derma J Suncream Plus

  The functional suncream to protect from UV rays and to help Anti-aging and Brightening for skin without stickiness and white cast.

SPF 50+/ PA ++++

derma J Greeny Plant Foam Cleanser

  Greeny Plant Foam Cleanser is verified with EWG Green Grade with Low PH acidity and no stimulation (Sensitiveness index = 0) It contains Houttuynia cordata extract 30,000ppm along with 7 types of green plant extracts. It helps to remove blackheads from the skin cells, regenerate skin barrier and pH-BALANCING on skin.

  • * sebum improvement and dead skin improvement test completed. *
  • * Dermatologist tested

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