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Brand Showcase

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■ Company introduction

  Ninetails is an unrivaled pioneer of wrinkle care products. We seek intuitive home anti-aging care that everyone can follow and notice the overwhelming change in their skin. People experience changes in their skin with aging such as wrinkles, volume loss, dilated pores and dull complexion. Ninetails offers magical results comparable to invasive medical procedures without the need for going under needles!

■ Item / Brand introduction

Advanced Line Lift Serum

  Advanced Line Lift Serum is a facial serum that provides a lifting effect and improves the appearance of wrinkles and elasticity. It not only immediately smooths out wrinkles in 30 second, but also lessens signs of aging with continued use, which is clinically proven to work by completing 18 different tests.

Double-Drop Ampoule

  Tamanu Double Drop Ampoule is a dual-layered oil ampoule that is formulated with Tamanu oil, peptide, and collagen. Low molecular peptide and collagen through a fermentation process increase its absorption. Combined with Tamanu oil’s skin-regeneration capability and collagen and peptides, the ampoule provides rich moisture and nutrition and improves skin texture, elasticity, and glow.

Rebalancing Toner

  Rebalancing Toner is a step-one skin care product that delivers powerful hydration and provides smooth skin texture. It features Tamanu oil which has a skin-regeneration capability that gives a pore-tightening effect to make your skin firmer and more delicate. It is recommended to use it frequently to boost moisture in the skin.

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