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  • Representative : Mijin Yu
  • Address : 134, Gongdan-ro, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, ROK
  • Contact Number : +82-1522-8350
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■ Company introduction

  I'm Bomb (CEO Yu Mi-jin) was selected in the "Beauty" category that will shine Asia in 2020 at the "VIP ASIA AWARDS" hosted by the global news network AVING.

In the bath agent market, which was concentrated on a small number of overseas brand products, the natural bath preparation, I'm Bomb is expanding the range of consumer choices with various product configurations according to scent and characteristics.

  I'm Bomb , which is based on the motto of "A mind to complete all the nights of the world with more perfect rest," contains two meanings: Bath bomb's "bomb" and "night," a time for rest and healing.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Only one, All In One Bar

  All-in-one bubble bar that can be used with soap, cleansing, shampoo, body wash, and bubble bar

Allergic substances and hazardous ingredients not used

-I'M BOMB’s Special Night has no petroleum-based compounds such as various parabens, synthetic preservatives, synthetic surfactants, and artificial pigments, and is made with an allergy-free scent without all the allergens.

- Skin irritation test results: 0.00 irritation.

As a result of the skin irritation test, the I'M BOMB’s products can be used with confidence. 

I'M BOMB’s Special Night / Love Peony - Gel Slime, Jelly Bath, Gel Couple Jelly Bath 150g

  Using 4 colors of bath pearls together makes it a more mysterious and ecstatic time.

*When using bath pearls together, make sure to spread the pearls first in a bath tub and add powder called I'M BOMB’s Special Night .

  Is there anything special for the same routine and every ordinary day?

I'M BOMB’s Special Night

What is this product?

  It is a bath bomb that turns into slime & gel when mixed with water.

  You can make a bath-filled with gel and jellly by I'M BOMB’s Special Night
powder of I'M BOMB’s Special Night + water.

  Bath gel / Massage gel / Couple bath /Adjust the viscosity according to the situation!

  I'M BOMB’s Special Night consist of a disposable pouch.

  Adjust the viscosity by varying the amount of water.

[MOQ] ctn basis (40 pcs)


1. Bubble and Sparkiling Bath bars

2. EWG Green grade, More than 90% of food grade ingredients - Bath bombs soak your whole body, check the ingredients first.

3. Coconut-Derived Surfactants - Using natural surfactants derived from Coconut, SLSA, not the synthetic surfactants.

4. Bath Bombs + Bubble Bar - Have you purchased the bath bomb and bubble bar seperately so far?

I'm Bomb, Bubble and Sparkiling Bath balls = Bath bomb + Bubble bar

5. Sanitation individual packaging

6. Remove residual chlorine from tap water. Remove residual chlorine from tap water that can irritate the skin and worsen dryness.

[MOQ] ctn basis (40 pcs)

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