Brand Showcase

Brand Showcase

FoodJinan Red Ginseng Oriental Medicine Cluster Corp.

  Jinan Red Ginseng Oriental Medicine Cluster Corp.


■ Company introduction

  We are the only company that promotes, markets, and distributes red ginseng oriental medicine products produced in Korea's special red ginseng oriental medicine zone.

  It is directly managed and operated by Jinan-gun and operates a subsidiary, Jinan-gun Red Ginseng Oriental Medicine, and is engaged in for-profit activities.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Premium Red Ginseng Extract Gold

  Premium Red Ginseng Extract Gold is a 100% red ginseng product that uses 30% of red ginseng concentrate of 13mg/g of ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1, and Rg3, and consumes 1 packet a day.

  The product contains 10ml and 30 bags, and can be eaten for 30 days by taking 1 bag a day.

  It is a stick-type product made to be easily eaten using only red ginseng produced in Jinan, and is made in Jinan-gun, which has been selected as the only red ginseng oriental medicine special zone in Korea designated by the state.

  The type of product is a health functional food that can help improve immunity and help blood flow by suppressing platelet aggregation.

  It can help improve memory and help antioxidants.

Jinsim Red ginseng liquor 53%
Synonyms: Ethanol 53%

CAS Number: 64-17-5

Product Use: Alcoholic beverage

  Jinan red ginseng, ginseng, and authentic distilled rice liquor made from 100% distilled rice

  The 53% of genuine red ginseng liquor is a high-end product that combines the rich taste of golden rice distilled liquor with the taste of red ginseng.

  It is a product for Heavy Drinker who prefers Godoju, and it contains a lot of ginsenoside, a healthy ingredient of ginseng, and the bitter taste of ginseng and the sweet taste of rice distilled liquor are combined to stimulate the omi in the mouth.

  Good food to eat together

  It is good to eat it with greasy or flavorful foods such as Chinese food or steak.

Jin Yeon Hong korea red ginseng mask pack

  Jinan red ginseng and oriental medicine sheet masks containing carefully selected ingredients
A functional sheet mask that works effectively on the skin and helps whitening and wrinkling improvement

  Jin Yeon-hong Red Ginseng Mask Pack is a red ginseng extract base and contains 5 sheets per pack.

  It's a beauty product that has a function of whitening and wrinkle improvement. 

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