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Brand Showcase


  • Representative : Yeonho Hwang
  • Address : #502, 21, Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, ROK
  • Contact Number : +82-70-8691-1098
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■ Company introduction

  MYSTERE PEARL is a jewelry specialist company with over 20 years of experience in the same field. In order to develop products that combine fashion and health, which were not previously available, the company conducted research and development for over five years and developed the world's first health artificial pearl. Based on this health artificial pearl, they released a product that received PCT international patent application and domestic GMP medical device certification.

  In addition, the company has the largest design of silver jewelry in Korea and supplies over 80% of the famous domestic brands, including department store outlets and roadshops, at their Namdaemun store.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Meply Auroira Moira bracelet

  Our MediFly Arella medical device series has been certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a Grade 2 medical device for helping to alleviate muscle pain. With patented designs, including two registered invention patents, PCT international patent application, and patent registration in China, our products come in the form of bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, and other fashion items, which can be easily detached with just one touch. They provide relief from muscle pain when worn and are an effective and stylish solution.

Fromjane hoop earrings

  These earrings are made of round brilliant-cut diamonds that have been processed and set with pavé to emit a special light, making them a luxurious daily item.

Micope all cubic flower silver ring

  This is a silver ring with small cubic zirconia stones set densely across the entire ring. It features a detailed flower petal design, making it a product that can express both femininity and sophistication.

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