Brand Showcase

Brand Showcase

ContentSharebox Co. Ltd.

  Sharebox Co. Ltd.


■ Company introduction

  Sharebox is a cultural-content focused technology company that strives to improve cultural welfare. By combining new video technology with the knowledge stemming from various new ideas and experiences, we provide content that can be understood and empathized with by people all over the world, transcending both language and generations.

■ Item / Brand introduction

X-Rumpus Box

  We combined our own content-creation technology with ETRI Holdings’ 5-wall immersive content mapping technology to create XR interaction services for performances and education. This service uses projectors on all four walls and the floor to create an immersive experience, while LiDAR sensors detect and react to the movements and actions of the users, allowing them to interact with the content.

  The <X-Rumpus Box> is currently in the Test Bed phase, and provides an immersive XR interaction experience where you can physically interact with the walls and the floors without the need for VR glasses. We offer a new, unique type of experiential marketing that uses social media and viral marketing to target the MZ generation.

  Sharebox offers a simplified way of creating such interactive content, where multiple users can enter differently sized rooms and interact with the walls and the floors.


  The column-type XR interactive LED display <Meet-Up!> was installed with the intention of building an XR cultural space that can attract citizens of all ages. This sample, located in Seongbuk-gu, was installed with the intention of providing pedestrians with extended reality content through media art and projection mapping, transforming the area into an XR cultural community space.

  By creating an interactive XR landmark service that allows you to enjoy immersive content quickly and quickly without using a separate HMD device, Sharebox offers a way to express one-off events in a variety of ways by presenting various different types of content on the interactive XR experience LED display <Meet-Up!>.

Space Expedition

  <Space Expedition> is a 1st person VR space exploration content that allows you to directly experience outer space and the galaxy. It allows the users to explore the universe, with various different experiments and interactive metaverse VR games that you can play within the space station itself.

  Currently, the content is divided into 3 parts: Spacecraft exploration / Moon map creation / Cleaning space trash. In addition to this, <Space Expedition> provides various VR animations and interfaces, and is designed to allow users to immerse themselves more fully into learning about space and the galaxy.

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