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■ Company introduction

  Founded in 2002, we have imported and sold pumps from various countries, launched our liquid interlocking pump brand in 2016 and developed a small powder pump in 2020. It handles, sells, and manufactures pumps that transport various liquids and powders such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, and bonds. Our compact powder transfer machine and portable transfer pump are inventions not available in the world and can transport and discharge various liquids and powders for industrial, industrial, and research purposes.

■ Item / Brand introduction

powder metering /transfering pump (small size, ~5kg)

  Powder transfer pumps, which are rare at korea and abroad, can be transferred quantitatively and constantly, not simply transferring powder.  In the case of powders, as the density of flour and sugar is different, and the particle size of feed and research chemical powders in the livestock , powder pump which can all powder used is difficult to make.

  normal powder pump  is very large and heavy, but Next Pump works with Garusol, a youth start-up in korea, to handle and sell small-size (you can install on your table) powder transfer pumps. Small powder transfer pumps can be used to manufacture products in various fields close to life, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, and food, and can be miniaturized with patent technology. Since it is not a vacuum method, it is less likely to be affected by air pressure or weather. and you can adjust speed at 0.1rpm to 600 rpm.

Liquid/powder dispenser with electric scale

  The machine, which can hold liquid or powder by setting the desired amount on the small electronic scales, has four types of scale capacity and can be operated according to each scale. In the case of powder, it can be moved in conjunction with the powder pump developed by our company to contain as much powder as you want.

  If the liquid pump is to be discharged using a selection switch, the liquid can be discharged because the interlocking pump head requested on the left side of the electronic scale operates. The speed range is 1 to 100 rpm and can be adjusted in units of 1 rpm. A desired setting value may be stored using a memory function until maximum of 4 settings.

Big powder transfering pump

  The powder transfer pump with a diameter of 65mm inside the transfer tube is designed to easily transfer powder in the bag, etc. It is suitable for esg management because it can improve the working environment of workers by transferring various powders without shoveling them.

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