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  Vincoree means Korean wine, and we are making wine that expresses Korea's terroir. We grow our own fruit for wine. We are making wine with persimmon, a traditional Korean fruit, and we are making wine by cultivating 15 kinds of grapes for brewing. With the know-how accumulated while making wine since 1982, this wine expresses Korea's terroir in a sophisticated way.

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vincoree persimmon wine

  Wine made from persimmon, a traditional Korean fruit. Wine made from Daebonggam grown for wine in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. A heavy white wine with a heavy body and acidity, thanks to the tannin component that gives off the astringent taste of persimmons. Aging period 3 years. A reliable wine that will be responsible for the future of Korean wine.

vincoree red wine

  This wine is a blend of 7 types of brewing grapes (such as Merlot) grown in Yeongcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is aged in oak for 2 years and then aged in bottle for 3 years. It is recommended to drink it cool with a soft and delicate wine that feels the terroir of Korea with the scent of oak. Goes well with red meat, braised short ribs, smoked duck, etc.

vincoree rose wine

  A beautiful rosy wine. A wine with a natural sweetness and freshness in harmony. A wine that goes well with Korean food and adds richness to the daily table. A refined wine with a harmonious blend of red and green grapes.

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