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■ Company introduction

  Sulseam is a Korean traditional liquor manufacturer that produces various alcoholic beverages such as makgeolli, rice wine, and distilled soju.

  Every year, Sulseam launches a variety of new products, following the trend of sensitive markets.

  We want to show consumers that Korea traditional liquor is not a boring product, but can be modern and popular enough.

■ Item / Brand introduction


  It is a Korean rice wine made of red rice called "Hongguk Rice," and it is characterized by a soft sweetness that comes only from rice without any additives or pigments.

  The degree of alcohol is 10.8%, which is higher than that of regular Korean makgeolli, but it is a product with a strong balance of sugar, acidity, and fragrant fruit scent that comes from fermentation.

  The fascinating red color that only comes from Hongguk reminds us of roses.


  It is a rice soju distilled with high-quality rice, yeast, and good water produced in Korea, and is characterized by a soft grain scent.

  After distillation, the crude liquor was aged for about a year at the Korean jar  to have a soft throat.

  Mir is produced in 25%, 40%, and 54%, of which 40%, Mir40, was recognized for its value by winning the "Presidential Award" in 2018 at Korea's prestigious competition.


  The product name Seoseo’s meaning is 'auspicious Snow', and the label expresses its clean taste by taking its first step on a clean snow field.

  Cheongju in Korea, which means clear and clean alcohol, presents a different charm from Japanese sake and is a good drink to pair with various foods.

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