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■ Company introduction

  CELLHAPPYCO is a Korean company that manufactures and sells organic and natural cosmetics. We manufacture premium cosmetics with patented manufacturing technology and carefully selected organic and natural ingredients. We pursue cosmetics that provide long-term healthy beauty, not cosmetics that make the skin look good for a short time.

  COSMOS ORGANIC certification in Europe and LOHAS certification in Asia show CELLHAPPYCO's belief in nature and its philosophy of sustainability. Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic are the first products launched by CELLHAPPYCO.

  There are many hair care products on the cosmetics market, such as shampoos made with chemical and artificial ingredients, which can cause problems such as scalp inflammation, dandruff, and hair loss. So, we made patented ingredients using certified organic herbal ingredients and natural herbal ingredients. This patented ingredient is a complex of 17 kinds of natural oriental herbs for scalp and hair, and has been used in both shampoo and tonic.

  Through customer reviews saying that using these products solves problems such as scalp problems and hair loss, we were willing to make healthy cosmetics not only for hair care, but also for skin care and body care. Since then, we have released red ginseng powder wash (facial cleanser), Vita C ampoule (face serum), and blemish cream earlier this year.

  The body care line has also been expanded to include certified organic body wash, body lotion, and hand cream.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo

  It is certified (European famous organic certificate)COSMOS ORGANIC. this shampoo contains natural ingredients 99.46%. The main ingredient is a False Daisy. False daisy extract with oriental herbal complex replace purified water during the manufacturing process (the patent for reducing hair loss and promoting hair-growing). This shampoo is low pH shampoo that protects the skin barrier, balancing the scalp and nourishing scalp and hair.

  It contains a natural surfactant derived from coconut so makes fine foam.

  With natural essential oil, when someone uses this shampoo they feel like they are in the center of the flower garden.

  The oriental herbal extract will make hair smooth and silky without using additional treatment or hair rinse after shampoo.

  It has no harmful ingredients, so all ages can use this.

Sulfates, Mineral oil, Silicone-free

Anti-Hairloss Tonic

  It has triple functional product for nourishing + moisturizing + strengthening hair and scalp. It helps to promote hair-growing and against hair loss. It is a functional product that is authorized by the Korean FDA.

  It strengthens the hair roots and provides nutrients to the hair.

  27 kinds of oriental herbal extract replace purified water during the manufacturing process. cellhappyco's own patented herbal extract is good to pren hair loss syptoms. It will exfoliate the scalp pore with salicylic acid.

  Natural aroma, especially Rosemary, replaces artificial fragrance. The natural scent will help improve your concentration, blood circulation and relieve stress.

  Peppermint ingredients will reduce the scalp heat to prevent hair loss.

  This tonic is not only for the scalp but also for hair. The herbal ingredients help to thicken hair.

Red Ginseng Facial Washing Powder

  This facial cleanser contains real red ginseng 10% with natural red ginseng scent.

  Enzyme powder will help to exfoliate dead skin cells. This enzyme surfactant is derived from papaya. This plant-based cleanser will cleanse the face softly. This cleanser is low ph cleanser after using this powder, the face will be smooth and moist. Using patented technology called "Granule processing', this cleanser doesn't blow away everywhere and easily melts with cold or hot water. This powder is very dense and heavy so doesn't clump whenever this is in a humid place.

  It does not contain any additives such as parabens, mineral oils, artificial pigments, animal derivatives and synthetic preservatives.

  This cleanser will help to improve the trouble and acne skin.

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