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Brand Showcase


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■ Company introduction

  KALLOS is a media art group in South Korea that specializes in visual art and interactive media.

  We are people who focus on the inherent beauty of things. We are flexible in crossing over between commercial and artistic grammar.

  We are a group of planners who listen to the voice of our clients and at the same time, storytellers who observe the world, gain insight into life, and convey messages.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Be driven by the wind

  The wind changes itself by the season, the places, and the flow of time.

  It’s free all the time and we long for it.

  The project is about the story of Jeju wind which stressed-out modern people are driven by.

  The series visualize “Windy space” in Jeju and “The feeling of the modern people” driven by the place.

  The 3 themes(Bijarim, Oreum, Sea) symbolize the space representing the image of Jeju.

  The shape of the wind in Jeju and its movement were visually represented with hyperrealistic expression and digital tech.

Be driven by sandstorm

  The project is a Media art that abstractly expresses impression and symbolism of Dubai.

  Dubai has the tallest building in world-Burj Khalifa.

  Dubai is one of the seven Emirates and it is the largest city amongst all emirates.

  We selected the sandstorm which represents Dubai as a main theme of the project since it’s a natural phenomenon with a look of absolute God that came down to swallow up the Earth.

  We used metaphorical way to show the Symbolism of the Modern City representing the 21st century instead of taking a conventional approach to show it with a predictable way.

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