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Brand Showcase


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■ Company introduction

  Easywith, a company specializing in immersive media art production, has been recognized for its expertise across more than one hundred different projects—including at national and international museums and exhibitions, expos, façade and architecture projections, and public media art—since its inception in 2006.

  As a professional agency and creative partner, Easywith works on distinctive and innovative solutions, from the initial idea right through to its final realization, working in close dialogue with clients and project partners.

  Easywith believes that artistic experience fulfills our lives and makes them valuable. By creating uniquely compelling multimedia content, the company is pleased to offer audiences unusual artistic experiences, turning passing moments into once-in-a-lifetime experiences thanks to unparalleled creative insight.

■ Item / Brand introduction

The Kinetic

  A content that expresses the dynamic interplay between the beauty of Korean tradition and futuristic sensibility when kinetic movements are realistically implemented in the cinema view of the building's exterior facade.

Blooming Flower

  The colorful festival where the brilliant petals hidden within the flower buds burst forth with unrestrained vibrancy. Experiencing the beauty of the moment when flowers endlessly bloom, proudly displaying their vibrant hues as if boasting of their colors.

Breath of Forest

  Wind has a life-giving character that generates and circulates Nature.

  The appearance of life blossoming everywhere that wind particles pass is like an artist with a brush. If the wind is an artist, nature is both piece of sculpture and a work of art created by the wind. Nature begins with the wind and exists as art.

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