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Brand Showcase


Representative : Ha Min-seo
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■ Company introduction

Villa Erbatium fosters a culture of emotion for rest and comfort.

We want to deliver about our brand's story with emotional perfume on the border between science and art.

It is a scent and product that contains the brand's own narrative with differentiated quality, Experience a more valuable life and introduce a new emotional fragrance culture.

Protecting the core values of the quality base pursued by the brand with high passion As a Niche perfume brand and fragrance manufacturer, we are introducing exceptional and differentiated products and services in Korea and global markets with brand-specific narratives.

We focus on high-end distribution channels that are fitted to the brand and focus on each channel.

Above all, through the brand offline store in Samcheong-dong, Seoul We offer the Beauty of fragrances and perfumes, and that special customer experience journey.

■ Item / Brand introduction

 Eau de Parfum 50ml

The main feature is nature-friendly scents with a high sense of naturalness, mainly consisting of Food grade vegetable alcohol (Food Grade) and natural oils as high-quality niche perfume for all bodies. 

We are developing a collection of more than 30 artistic scents through in-house created fragrances and provides positive effects on human emotional change due to its natural raw properties. 

All of our emotional perfumes has Eau de Parfum intensity and the average fragrance lasts more than 5 hours. Based on sensual and luxurious designs and inspirational packages, we offer a narrative-based perfume experience.

Oil Perfume 15ml

It is an oil-type perfume and is used all over the body except for the face. 

It can be applied on the wrist, back of earlobes, pulse points, cuticles, and hair, and can be used as a hand cream to moisturize the skin on the back of the hand. 

Vegetable jojoba seed oil and coconut oil are the main ingredients to help improve skin absorption and have anti-wrinkle function when applied on the back of the hand due to retinol.

In the evening, oil can be rolled on the palm of your hand and used for head and neck massages for a good night's sleep or for a ritual time of meditation.

Eau de Toilette 35ml

A fragrance that can be used on the body, space, and fabric - The strength of the fragrance (the rate of fragrance oil) is 10%. - Eau de Toilette Intensity, over 2-3 hour duration

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