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■ Company introduction

Umusoap is a local cosmetic brand that introduces Jeju island in korea and Jeju’s haenyeo (female divers).

” - Fresh Ingredients from Jeju: umusoap crafts skincare products using fresh, locally sourced ingredients cultivated across all seasons on Jeju Island.

- Utilizing Seaweed: The brand incorporates agar(seaweed) directly harvested by Jeju’s haenyeo (female divers) into products like pudding soap, sunscreen, hand cream, and lip balm.

- Signature Pudding Soap: Their pudding soap, known for its unique scent, blends oils extracted from fresh fruits and herbs such as bergamot, basil, and lemon verbena.

- Sustainability: Committed to sustainable practices, umusoap produces and offers health-conscious products while engaging in community activities that benefit Jeju.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Mandarin Pudding Soap 

A soap with Jeju agar-agar and tangerine. it captures the vibrancy of ripe fruit and evokes the freshness of Jeju.

Green Breeze Pudding Soap

A soap made with Jeju agar-agar and Jeju Seongeup green tea. Its green tea freshness cleanses tired skin under the hot sun without irritating it, leaving it feeling pleasantly refreshed, like an early morning walk in the Jeju forest.

Soil renewal Pudding Soap

A soap made with Jeju agar-agar and Jeju Gujwa carrots. These juicy carrots will hydrate you to the very core. The color brown, reminiscent of healthy earth, will give you an energizing start to your day.

Spring Pink Pudding Soap 

On a full-fledged spring day, the loveliness of Jeju, brimming with cherry blossoms in full bloom, is captured. Imagine the fragrant flowers settling on the soap. The exciting pink hue of the Spring Pink Pudding Soap presents the warmth of Jeju’s spring

Blue SwellPudding Soap

A soap made with Jeju agar-agar and Centella Oust close your eyes and imagine the ocean. The brilliant blue, the rolling waves, the sparkling ripples... We capture the blue of the Jeju Sea that makes you feel good just thinking about it. Relax your mind by the ocean.

Melting Butter Hand Balm

The rich moisturizing power of agar-agar softens dry and rough hands, maintaining hydration. True to its name, Melting Butter, it absorbs smoothly without any stickiness, and with its signature scent, it can be used at any moment when you miss the freshness of Jeju

Mellow Lip Balm

Deeply moisturising and nourishing botanical oils leave lips feeling fresh and hydrated without stickiness. It contains Jeju agar-agar to soothe dry, flaky lips and leave them feeling soft

Friendly Sun Essence

This reef-safe sunscreen, crafted with agar-agar harvested by Jeju’s haenyeo, is gentle on the skin and rich in minerals for deep, lasting hydration

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