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Brand Showcase




■ Company introduction

SangKyung F&B specializes in making chicken sauce, powder, seasoning, and more 30 Years of pride for ‘taste’ Since 2004, we have been doing the same business in one field for more than 30 years. 

Therefore, we are a trusted company that passed the rigorous verification of various customers. 

SangKyung F&B values its commitment to customers without losing its initial intention and sincerely strives for customer satisfaction.

SangKyung’s Future-oriented management We will become a reliable Food company that systematically researches the latest taste trends without limiting to chicken sauce. 

Based on the research, we will produce products that appeal to the public’s tastes.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Korena Chicken Sauce

FUN & EASY KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN - Our Funtable Korean Chicken Sauce is a seasoned flavored sauce that provides a great tantalizing taste by topping or dipping it on your ordinary meals. Korean chicken has captivated the taste buds of people around the world with its spicy yet sweet taste. Just drizzle over fried chicken and mix, or use as a dip with your favorite fried Foods. Authentic Korean flavors packed into an easy squeeze no mess bottle for all to enjoy.

Garlic Soy Sauce

SLOW BREWED GOODNESS - Our soy sauce is aged for more than 6 months before locally sourced finely ground raw garlic is added to create a garlic soy sauce with excellent flavor and taste. Garlic is widely used in Korean dishes, making it an essential component of Asian and Korean Food. Use this sauce when you make garlic soy sauce chicken, fried rice, or grilled Food, to bring out a more well-rounded taste, aroma the essence of Asian cuisine.

Teriyaki Soy Sauce

SWEET & SAVORY TERIYAKI - If you're looking for a teriyaki sauce that goes well with anything, look no further. This sauce has a moderate texture that is neither too runny nor too sticky, making it a perfect sauce for marinading, cooking, dipping, glazing or drizzling. It's neither too spicy nor too sweet, making it an ideal sauce for people of all ages. Make authentic tasting Korean bulgogi at home with a splash of this sauce, delicious flavors your whole family can enjoy.

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